This is one of the key steps in the operation of business processes.

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Trademark registration in Turkey

  • проведение международных платежей
  • формирование положительной кредитной истории
  • работа с экспортом/импортом
  • оплата налогов
Зачем открывать счет в банке?
Service cost
From 1 300$
The cost depends on many parameters. Leave a request and find out
the cost of Trademark registration in Turkey, specifically for your project
Protecting your trademark is an important step when it comes to protecting the rights to your brand and logo. By registering a trademark, you can be sure that you have full ownership of the expressions that you use to stand out in the market.

Trademark registration requires certain criteria to be met. This ensures that no one else can use or violate your brand expression. In addition, it also provides financial loss protection as competitors cannot take away your business with similar products or services using your name.
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