We offer entrepreneurs in the IT sector a unique opportunity to enter the largest technology parks in Turkey and get a significant reduction in the tax burden, which can reach 0%. Our company is a reliable partner of technology parks and is ready to help your business get the maximum benefit from working in an innovative environment. In technoparks, you will find everything you need for the successful development of your company in the IT field, from modern infrastructure to specially equipped premises. Contact us and we will help your company to take a leading position in the IT industry

Access to the Turkey Technopark

How it works?

We have prepared a short video that will help you understand everything.
In Technoparks, companies receive not only the best conditions for development in Turkey, but also:

  • benefits in taxation, crediting, cost of energy resources and other incentive measures;
  • the possibility of passing acceleration, training, the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and meetups, getting to know vc, angels, with specialized investors and corporations.

The number of companies engaged in research and development in operating technology parks has reached 77,580, of which 45% are engaged in software and ICT development

The volume of exports of technological products reached 6.9 billion US dollars, and the main sales markets are the most developed countries in the world, such as Japan, Israel, Great Britain, Germany and the leading position of the United States.

Why register a company in a technopark?
Main advantages
  • No limit 1 foreigner = 5 Turks. You can recruit non-residents.
  • Issuing a work permit
Work Permit:
  • SGK (insurance premiums) - pay 50%
  • Income tax - from 80-90% paid by the state
  • VAT - when selling licenses, VAT is not paid
  • When calculating corporate tax, expenses are doubled, thereby reducing the tax burden
Tax benefits:
  • SGK (insurance) -15.5% (pay half) = 7.75%
  • Issizlik sigorta (unemployment tax) - 2%
  • Income tax (from 80 to 90% paid by the state)
Payroll costs:
  • From 10500 - 70000 lira -15%
  • From 7O 000-150 000 lira - 20%
  • From 150,000 - 3570,000 lira - 27%
Income tax differentiated:
Expand your opportunities
We guarantee access to the technopark subject to all stages within 1 month
Technoparks we cooperate with:
Additional services
Free consultation!
Company registration
  • Does not require permanent residence in Turkey
  • Opening up to 2 business days
  • There is no chance of getting rejected
Exit to the technopark
The cost is formed from several parameters, first of all, the form of taxation. Leave a request and find out the cost of opening a company, specifically for your project
From 3500$
Stages of work
We send an application and receive approval for consideration of the project
We prepare and submit a project for presentation
We present the project in front of the commission and get approval for residency
We organize a meeting with the management of the technopark, acquaintance and a brief presentation
We receive a document for approval and a legal address. We register an enterprise and conclude a lease agreement
Applying for work permits
Support on tax and accounting issues
Assistance in supporting your business, with acceleration programs, with access to venture capitalists
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