Today, many suppliers from Turkey are among the largest suppliers of various goods to all countries of the former USSR. Turkish goods have proven to be of high quality and optimal price. Turkey supplies clothes, shoes, fabrics, equipment, spare parts for cars and special equipment, etc. There is a huge number of different industries here.
There are more than 15 thousand manufacturers of the textile industry alone.

Sourcing Services in Turkey

If you have a large business and want to contract directly with the manufacturer, you can contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Turkish region where you are looking for a supplier. Employees of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will help you and provide contacts of potential partners. You can also find supplier websites in search engines or Turkish manufacturer directory websites on the Internet; contact companies, negotiate, study price lists.

You can also purchase a database that contains supplier contact information. Almost all major manufacturers have employees who speak English. Sometimes it happens that there are employees who speak Russian. There are certain features of the Turkish mentality. Involving a person or company that has experience in negotiating with the Turkish side. You will be able to get the best conditions and avoid many problems and difficult situations, for example:. Delay in terms, re-sorting of goods during shipment, non-compliance with the declared quality.

Why look for suppliers?
Main advantages
Reduction of terms
Risk Reduction
Search for the optimal cost
Getting support in negotiations
If you are looking for suppliers in Turkey, finding the right supplier can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which provider is best for your needs. Fortunately, with the help of artificial intelligence technology, you can now easily search for suppliers in Turkey.

Search engines, based on our expertise, can quickly scan through thousands of potential suppliers and provide you with a list of those that best match your criteria. This makes finding the right supplier faster and more efficient than ever before.
Stages of work
Determining the customer's request
Analysis of suppliers in this area on the market
Getting the best price
Signing a direct contract with a supplier
Service cost
From 200$
The cost depends on many parameters. Leave a request and find out
the cost of sourcing services in Turkey, specifically for your project
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