Located at the crossroads of major European and Asian trade routes, Turkey is the largest Balkan trade partner of the Russian Federation.

The volume of trade between our countries, even during periods of extreme decline in mutual trade, is many times greater than the total trade between our country and Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Croatia.

Today, delivery from Turkey to Russia is in high demand among our compatriots, which is largely ensured by the high quality and affordable cost of Turkish goods.

At the same time, despite the diversified transport infrastructure of the country, transportation from Turkey to Russia has its own specifics, which, in the absence of the carrier's due experience, can cause an increase in the customer's transportation costs, an increase in delivery times, and even a complete disruption in the delivery of the batch.

To avoid negative consequences, the delivery of goods from Turkey to the territory of the Russian Federation should be trusted only to trusted logistics companies.

Building logistics in Turkey

Turkey's logistics features make it possible to carry out cargo transportation through this country to Russia from the countries of Southern Europe, as well as in the opposite direction. This state occupies a strategically important and key position, and therefore is used in various schemes and routes of international delivery. In addition, in Turkey itself there are a number of features from the geographical location and landscape to the state and degree of development of local infrastructure. What needs to be considered by both consignees and consignors.
Why build logistics?
Main advantages
Possibility of transportation of any goods
Accompanying your broker
The shortest possible time
Direct communication with the logistician and responsible person
Service cost
From 1 500$
The cost depends on many parameters. Leave a request and find out
the cost of building logistics in Turkey, specifically for your project
Turkey is an important center for logistics services. It is strategically located in the heart of the Middle East, connecting Europe with Asia. The country also has a growing number of logistics companies that provide their services to both local and international clients.

Logistics services in Turkey are becoming increasingly important as businesses look for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency. With a well-developed infrastructure, Turkey provides ideal conditions for companies wishing to develop their logistics operations.

The country offers a wide range of services from warehousing, transportation and delivery management to customs clearance and freight forwarding. With a highly skilled workforce and competitive pricing structure, Turkey is fast becoming an attractive option for businesses looking for reliable logistics solutions.
Stages of work
Sending an application
Preliminary cost estimate
Online meeting with a logistician and a broker
Cargo transportation
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