Today, Turkey is one of a small list of countries where you can register a business in the shortest possible time. However, for the competent execution of documents and registration of a company, in most cases, the competent assistance of qualified professionals who understand all the legal subtleties of the procedure is required.

Registration of a company in Turkey

You will need to register a company outside the country of residence in the following cases:

  • if the business is fully or partially oriented to the international market;
  • you plan to actively purchase goods or pay for services abroad;
  • activities related to export or import;
  • the type of activity is not regulated in the country of residence of the owners;
  • it is necessary to protect or diversify assets;
  • you need access to foreign investment opportunities.
Why register a company in Turkey?
Main advantages
Collection of all documents
Opening in 10 days
No probability of failure
Accountant support
Registering a company in Turkey is not a difficult process, but requires certain steps to be followed as set out by the Turkish Ministry of Commerce. Companies that wish to register in Turkey must comply with the rules and regulations governing the registration of a business in the country, as well as ensure that they have a local certificate of commercial registration.

Registrations fall into two specific types; creation of a new company or registration of a branch. Depending on the structure and organization of what a person wants to install, any type can be chosen. Both categories require different documents before approval and may depend on how long the individual intends to run their business and therefore on his or her relationship with the Turkish authorities.
Additional services
Free consultation!
Opening an account with a trusted bank
  • Preparation of all documents
  • Permanent connection with the bank
  • Premium Service
  • No chance of rejection
Company registration
The cost is formed from several parameters, first of all, the form of taxation. Leave a request and find out the cost of opening a company, specifically for your project
From 2500$
Stages of work
Choosing the optimal legal form
Preparation of a package of documents
Obtaining a taxpayer number
Obtaining documents from state registration
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